Sunday, October 31, 2004

Rockets, whizz-bangs and pumpkins etc.

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That's tonight, but first it was up at 7 or was it 8? The clocks went back an hour so very confused to the real time now. Should have got an hour's extra sleep but I keep yawning?
The boot sale at Verdin Park was muddy affair but quite well attended considering. I found a few books, two annuals for Archie which I shall hide for Xmas and one about the old cinemas of the North west which has some great photos. Also got a DVD set of some old creaky silent films starring Buster keaton and Charlie Chaplin for 50p each! Some 10p plastic folders to put collages in will come in handy. No records or Cd's alas. hazel found some strange metal and plastic objects that will no doubt find their way onto her blogs in due course. Archie got some Beano memorabilia - a whistle, a magic trick and joke finger?
Now its time to raid the shed for more mail art!


Syl said...

Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin
filems...yeow what a find! And
something fun for everyone...Sounds
like you had good luck, Michael.

michael said...

I havent watched them yet so don't know how good a bargain it was really. The Keaton film is Steamboat Bill Jr. which is supposed to be one of his best. Recently watched The General with new music by Carl Davies? which was very funny. Theres a Danny Kaye film of there too but never been a big Kaye fan.

Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Michael,

Found two envelops. Actually didn't find thyem. But they were on the colour-cover of the mail-interview I did with you. You can see the images at my blog at where I uploaded it. I use Hello instead of Flikr. Works quite well and simple.


Creative Thing said...

I had assumed that day light savings was an American pratice. I'm surprised to see that other countries do it too. So this week, the mornings are full of sunlight, and my bike ride home last night was in darkness. It's a 10 mile trek on well lit, wide streets, and I have a flashing red light in the back and a bright headlight. Nevertheless, I would rather ride in daylight than darkness.

Syl said...

Hmmm...don't think I know Carl Davies.
And agree with you about Danny Kaye...kind of
gives me the creeps. But I never tire of
Buster Keaton...and just watching the old
B & W jumpy Charlie Chaplan movies is
always a good time. careful out there!

michael said...

I watched the Buster Keaton yesterday and enjoyed it despite the print being less than perfect. The hurricane scene is a classic where he wakes up in hospital just as the walls blow down around him and the bed trundles off down the road and ends up in a stable with several donkeys lookin g at him as he stops momentarily befor e the wind blowing him and the bed through another door and out into the maelstrom!

Roger Stevens said...

I like Danny Kaye.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Syl said...

Beautiful!!! Poor Buster...wasn't
the luckiest fella, was he?!

michael said...

I reserve judgemnt on danny until i see this film on the DVD. he hasnt impressed me much in the past though I have a few of his childrens songs on Cd and tape. Ugly Tuba, Tubby the Duck etc.

Syl said...

Oops! Sorry, Roger... ;-)