Monday, October 04, 2004

Wooly Jumper Weather

40th Birthday
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Its sunny now but earlier it was very dark and wet and windy. Poor Hazel had to brave the elements to get to the station, but the train was on time for a change and she got to Manchester O.K.
I went out for a walk to the post office when the rain stopped and posted some mail and birthday card for Roger.( Hope it gets to you by tomorrow!) I was looking through Hazel's birthday cards that I had made over the years and found some nice ones that I'd obviously spent some time on - a labour of love.
Audrey just phoned to pick my brains over some crossword clues. What was Capt. Absolute's first name. Jack? What was the novel written by Nigel Belchin and name of the theatrical producer starting with a C and ending with an N. Well the last one was Cochran but don't know the other two. Promised to look them up on the internet. But isn't this cheating?
Scanned loads of new collages into Frickr so have plenty to supply blog now for atleast a week.
Flo, the grumpy rabbit, is indoors now since firework night is approaching and the air will be filled with the smell of cordite and loud reports. She's chewing the skirting board but otherwise behaving herself so far.


michael said...

Nigel Balchin it should have been and the answer is The Small Dark Room. Jack Absolute not Mack or Macy.
Ridiculous news on TV as i was having my lunch - a school is handing out goggles to pupils who wish to play "conkers" at break times. What utter nonsense! The nanny state strikes again! What next, special leather gauntlets for marbles games?

hazel said...

I don't know why he made me a card with 40 on it..I am only 29!!

Roger Stevens said...

Men can be so insensitive.