Saturday, October 30, 2004

Trick or Treat? But that's tomorrow!

Display in Aldi
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Hazel took this photo of the skull masks in Aldi today as we did our Saturday shop. As usual we went in for bread and mushrooms and came out with a whole trolleyload of stuff. Archie had already bought his death's cowl and sythe and skeletal gloves so no need for the skull mask! Already the rap of tiny skeletal hands on our front door and the cry of "trick or treat!" voiced menacingly by two midgets in vampire costumes. "But surely that's tomorrow ?". The ghoulish midgets just shrug their becloaked shoulders. It seems churlish to say come back tomorrow as they'd gone to so much trouble so they get a spooky coin and a chocolate eyeball each. Generous eh?
Archie has gone off with the neighbours to a special walk in the woods where the Mummy and Frankenstein absail down from the trees over in Marbury park. He went with them last year and said it was very good and not too terrifying I'm pleased to say. Hazel wanted to go but they had no adult tickets left.


Jonathan said...

I'm suggesting that you photograph these early trick or treaters... as they might well return tomorrow !!!
Plus we might all like to see some of them... we plan to do the same. I didn't know that you had succumbed to this blatently extortionist ritual... thought you saved it for Guy Fawkes Day...

michael said...

It all kind of of merges into one now with fireworks going off at all times of day and night from early October to Guy Fawkes day and then a few days after that! Obviously all the card and mask and gew-gaw manufacturers looked across the Atlantic and saw what money could be made and increasingly Halloween has become a big thing here. Twenty years ago it was something the foolish americans did! hah ha! Now the joke is on us!

Roger Stevens said...

BOO !!!

michael said...

Hazel said
don't do that should know better!!