Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ben Burpp's Barn Dance Band

ben burpp
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It doesn't sound as good as the name but an interesting find from a charity shop a few months ago. Nothing today though at the two boot sales we went to. Well the first wasn't even a boot sale really - more like an empty car park next to Kwik-Save where the boot sale should have been! It's not as if it was raining or anything - infact the weather was perfect for it, so don't understand why nobody turned up, except us ofcourse. Fortunatley the other at the football ground car park was attended by a few booters and so all was not lost. Hazel managed to get a few things - a brass coat hook, plants, two pretend oil lamps to put candles in (all these power cuts in the winter you know!) and something else. Archie got another Horrible Histories book that he collects and a few other poetry books by the likes of Adrian Henri and Brian Pattern. I didnt find a thing though which was disapointing - not even any boxes of scratchy records to flick through. O well, theres always the bric-a-brac market tomorrow.


Jonathan said...

Michael... You must come here.
We were at a few antique/junk shops yesterday.
Records galore... the only one that caught my eye was Simon and the Chipmunks doing a Christmas thing... but I didn't look too deep as I have no way of playing them.

michael said...

Sounds great but I already have the obligatory daft Chipmunks record - one is enough really!
Hoping the aformentioned Bric-a-brac market will be a good place for records as awell as bric-a-brac. Will have to wait and see.

Roger Stevens said...

7.30 a.m. ?????

You were up and blogging early!!!

A bit too blogging early for me.

michael said...

So you think 7:30a.m. is early do you, you old sluggabed! I was up at 6:15 to get Hazel's and Archie's breakfast (tea and a biscuit) before they set off for Manchester. Yawn!
I walked into town after some brisk blogging and caught the very slow bus to Winsford. It goes via lots of tiny villages like Molton, Lower Lava,Upper Geriatric,Little Twanghampton and Nether Hissop. The Bric-a-brac market......oh I'll tell you all about it in todays exciting blog.

scrapatorium said...

I wish I could mail you crates of music, but half the fun is looking for it, right? Our thrift shops and flea markets have so many albums that you would go half blind. One place called Traders Village has thousands and thousands of records at $1 each. Right up your alley.

michael said...

I'm drooling at the thought! Sounds fantastic! Like you say,Angelica, half the fun is the finding of these dusty slabs of vinyl. I did flick through one box today but mostly it was MOR and classical and stuff I had already like the Gene Autrey Christmas songs and the Tennessee Ernie Ford , ````````'live in Basingstoke etc.