Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Piano worked by water-powered anenomes

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
A collage from the early 80's when I was finding me feet in the newly discovered mail art network. Making nonsense from other peoples junk always seemed preferable to painting landscapes that took ages to make and hardly ever sold. Collages on the other hand were very quick to make by comparison and I had the added advantage of photo-copying them to spread to a wider audience via the postal network that had been built up since the 60's.


michael said...

Lots more mail art over at the A.1.Mail Archive that can be found on bottom of blog links to the left hand side.

scrapatorium said...

I think it's great that you kept the early stuff. During a move, I disposed of all my mail art from the late 80s. I regret it now.

And I agree about painting. Collage works for me because I like quick results and experimentation. Plus you can do it anywhere and with anything.

Creative Thing said...

How well I remember this collage! You sent me a copy of it for my "Syncopated Pandimonium-Music" mailart show back in 1983.I still have that copy in my "archive".
It has been rainning here for the past 3 days. This English-type weather is wrecking havoc with my biking!
Nevermind that it has been 6 months since our last rain.

michael said...

It's nice to give these old collages an "airing" now we are in the age of the blog, and show them to people who didn't see them the first time round. I remember your mail art show in the record shop window- was that the one Leslie?
We are surrounded by water but if we have a dry Summer they start having hose-pipe bans and talk of importing water from europe and other crazy stuff! Now its the power that's running out and so we must import electricity and gas from Norway and Sweden!

Syl said...

That's the government for you!
Am impressed that everyone has
been doing mail-art or collages
for so long...no wonder your work
is so professional looking! And
all a treat to see.

Creative Thing said...

Yes, the Music mailart show was posted in the big walk in display window of Lovell's Records in uptown Whittier.
The winter of '83 was very wet, and at one point the window was flooded. Several works wetre distroyed, but not yours.

michael said...

Hard to imagine California suffering from a wet winter! Long range forecast here says we're in for a very cold winter and maybe a white Christmas. Archie is dusting off his sledge already!