Tuesday, October 12, 2004


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Mostly a day of scanning, photography and blogging. Searching the coal shed for likely mail art material from what I laughingly call the archive. I wish i was more organised but I'm not, so everything is mixed up. I keep finding 1980's mail mixed in with 1970's mail and 2001 mail jumbled with 1995's mail. But at least I didnt find any mouse nests!


michael said...

Or should that be mice nosts?

mrdantefontana said...

Maybe 'house pets'...?

Creative Thing said...

Many things, Michael, for posting one of my stamp sheets on your new mailart bloog.
I am enjoying the site very much.
It rained here today, so don't think it is always sunny here in Los Angeles (although it is 75 degrees and sunny this afternoon).

Jilly Jargon said...

And it rained all day on Saturday at the Texas State Fair in Dallas - but that didn't spoil my enjoyment of my corny dog (lots of mustard and ketchup), funnel cake, string onions, deep-fried ice cream, tamales and chilli. The turn on the Texas Star big wheel was wet and windy but wonderful view. It's sunny now in this part of Texas, and warm, too. But it was cool (in the low 60s) earlier today so all my colleagues were well wrapped up. I will bring something home for Archie. But I don't know what! Have to have a hunt at the airport. xxx

Roger Stevens said...

Hey! That's my honeybunch.

She blogging again. See...



michael said...

Great galloping horny corn dogs! Its Jilly in Texas. Yeehaaa! Pting!
Great to get comments from around the world. This is what blogging is all about.
What is a corny dog anyway??

scrapatorium said...

great piece! oh, and a corn dog is hot dog on a stick covered in corn batter and deep fried. some people dip them in mustard.

michael said...

An aquired taste I would think! Sounds like a lot of calories!
We have soya dogs sometimes with lots of fried onions and ketchup! An aquired taste too, for some I expect.