Friday, October 15, 2004

Brussel Sprouts from Venus

Brussel sprouts from Venus
They are the vilest and meanest
Alien life forms to invade our turf
I've seen those evil vegetables
Landing in their flying colanders
Smelling like nothing on earth!

Gruesome gherkins from Jupiter
Dripping with slime and covered in hair
Ray guns at their hips
They rampage across our planet
Zapping everything that moves
Spitting out seeds and poisonous pips!

Red raging rhubarb from Mars
Pickled onions in their flying jars
Putrid potatoes with nasty green eyes
All hell bent on world domination
I really will not rest
Until they are caught and put in pies!


Syl said...

Jeepers!!! I'll never look at
those again in the same light!
Had me hooting, it did.

michael said...

I bet you were owling with laughter!

scrapatorium said...

Can you hear me laughing all the way from Texas?

Syl said...

The line about rayguns spitting
out seeds and pips just makes
me roll...Knowing Michael has
a raygun collection, I can only
guess what he did with them as
a little knocker!

michael said...

A little what'er?

Mick Boyle said...

Wow! Very funny and clever.
Do you think you could do one with radishes and kohlrabi?