Sunday, October 10, 2004

Owls well that ends well

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Sorry about that. Archie had a great birthday so thanks for all of you who sent good wishes his way. The owl and bird of prey "experiance" was a real treat and enjoyed by one and all. Archie got to hold food in a big leather gauntlet whilst falcons and snowy owls plummeted down out of a clear blue sky to grab the tasty morsel and make him wince! The other kids had a turn too so no one was left out. A nice sticky cake and sugery drink beforehand saw too it that everyone was hyped up to the eyeballs! It was a bit noisy but then 6 twelve year olds usually are! He seemed to enjoy the day so a good choice. Some of the other children were pestering their dad's as they collected them that they wanted the same treat for their next birthdays (sorry dads!) Luckily the weather was great too with no rain and even sunshine during the outdoor display and flying etc.The nice fellow showing the kids around was straight out of "Kes" ( for those of you who have seen the wonderful Ken Loach film ) and could have been Casper grown up!
This is the collaged card I made for Archie's birthday. It took me ages to find the owls, looking through heaps of tattered old children's encyclopedias and books ravaged by previous collage making.


Jonathan said...

A belated happy birthday to Archie... if I'm not mistaken, we took a pic of Arch with one of those owls a couple of years ago... I hope that we sent you a copy...

DrFluxbuxenstein said...

Twelve!? Geez. Little Archie's growing up! Why I remember a cutie-pie toddler in a photo postcard...was it really so long ago?

michael said...

Yes, you did Jonathan, we still have it stuck in one of our many albums somewhere.
Archie is still cute but soon to be a teenager, which is scary!