Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Googlyeye Kid Rides Again!

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Another old postcard from the coal shed. Amazing what stuff we keep finding buried in there. Besides all the mail art some old 78's but mostly the likes of Max Bygraves and Dickie Valentine! I don't remember where they came from even. Another trip to the charity shop I think is in order.
Hazel was working on her lecture today so I had to entertain Archie with board games the PC and the PS2. yesterday we went to see "Shark Tale" the latest animation from Dreamworks. Not a patch on Shrek or even Finding Nemo. The visuals were quite stunning but I wish they'd work on the story as much as the look of the thing.
Good news today, a phone call for Archie telling him that his flash animation "Light House" will be shown as part of under 18's short film festival at the Cornerhouse cinema in Manchester. I think Hazel was more pleased than Archie was - pushy Mum's eh?
Also found some old b & w negatives which I'm hoping to print on the scanner as soon as I can figure out the photoshop whereabouts of the thing that changes the negs to positives. This could keep me busy for a while!


Syl said...

Congratulations to Archie!!!
Also wanted to say to Michael,
after looking over some more of
your archives blog, that I really
enjoy your commentary for each
picture...instructive and very

Syl said...

Don't know where my original
commment evaporated to, but
really just wanted to offer
congratulations to Archie!
Wish I could see his work!

michael said...

It happens to me all the time - i write a comment and it appears about three days later! They must go and visit the odd socks at Oddieworld!
Thanks for your kind words Syl, much appreciated. I know people flit from blog to blog like bees gathering pollen but a few take the time to buzz awhile!

Groc said...

photoshop? negs into pos and vice versa?

on the keyboard: control and I

the long winded way:

top menu
image > adjustments > invert

s'easy peesy

-from groc