Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Unlucky thirteen again!

I don't know why 13 should be so tainted with ill tidings and forbodings but it is. I awoke 45 minutes later than I usually do, this wouldn't be so bad but I'm supposed to get Archie up and get his breakfast and pack him off to school! So I was running round like a headless chicken first of all and discovered to my horror a big puddle of blue liquid on the draining board! The washing up liquid bottle had mysteriously sprung a leak in the night and emptied half it's contents. This took ages to clean up, especially as I was making tea and burning toast at the same time! The tea looked a bit more frothy than usual too!
The rest of the day wasn't so frantic and I even made a banana and carrot cake this afternoon which doesnt look too bad. Hopefully it won't taste too much of washing up liquid!


Roger Stevens said...

Don't you just hate it when the washing up bottle mysteriously springs a leak?
Then there was the leak that was imprisoned for not supporting the Welsh team. Luckily a couple of onions sprung him from the jail.

Hey, got my birfy CDs. Thanks!!!!! :-))))))))))
I'm off in the car tomorrow to a school in Bishop's Stortford - so I'll play them on my journey.

Syl said...

Going to use Michael as a Time Management coach! All those doings...even a Carrot Cake (whimper, whimper)! And doing a supercalifragilistic job at showing
these mailart pieces. So, what are you doing tonite? "I'm going to watch "movies" at Michael's know the place!

michael said...

I suppose it's better than the roof springing a leak! Got to look on the bright side as the cinema usherette said to the camera shy weasel.
Glad the cd's arrived safely. Hope you enjoy them. Safe journey to Bishop's Stortfed.

michael said...

I can only do those things Syl because I am at home all day! I'm always amazed at how much you do besides your full time job.Glad you like the new blog. Its not that hard to do really. I wish more mail artists would get blogging so I could see what they had in their archives!

Syl said...

Michael, I think more mailartist WILL start digging
through their piles of saved memorabilia as they see
both yours and Ruud's sites...There is so much out there, and
I think it is just remarkable! Cheers.

michael said...

You're right Syl, just heard that another mail art blog has started over at Flobby Cribbles er I mean Ross Dribbles place.
A link over at A.1.mail archive blog.