Sunday, October 03, 2004

How To Dress A Crab For A Chilly October day

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
With something more cosy than the strange garment he is wearing thats for sure.
Up early for the boot sale at Weaverham High School. Very chilly and overcaste. Didnt find much really except some cheap videos for 50p each from a video store that was changing over to DVD's or had gone bust maybe. Some films I'd not seen like Blackhawk Down,Road To Perdition,and The Time Machine together with old favourites like Goldmember and Minority Report which I have to watch again to figure out what exactly was going on!?
Also got two scratchy records for 50p each. Worzel Gummidge Sings and Burl Ives folk songs. Hazel and Archie have gone again with Audrey who can never get up early. Archie found two Bash Street Kids annuals which cheered him up but not many metal objects for Hazel maybe she'll have better luck the second time around.


Roger Stevens said...

Other faves of mine -
Worzal Gummidge Sings Portishead
Worzal Gummidge and Tom Jones sing the hits of Donovan
Aunt Sally's Tribute To Acid Rock Giants
Ministry of Worzal Gummidge's Sound
Black Sabbath Play Worzal Gummidge's Back Catalogue

keep a look out for them

michael said...

You may mock Roger but it wouldnt surprise me if these records really did exist in a strange parallel universe inhabited by scarecrows and Guy Fawkes effigies! You can't imagine my delight when I found that record despite it not having a sleeve or even a dust cover. Its very scratched but I've managed to dub two great tracks to cd-r which I will upload to Boot sale Sounds very soon. i bet you can hardly wait!

michael said...

This new statistics meter just fitted at bottom of LINKS is very useful. Now ~i know that one Argentinian visited the site yesterday! 3 canadians. 15 brits and 37 americans.

Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Michael,

Glad to see you succeeded in placing the counter. That is actually also inteersting for visitors. The "How" component of the statistics show how people get to your BLOG. That is also usefull information.

Plenty of information there!


michael said...

Thanks Ruud. Just checked and my total has exceded yesterdays already and new viewings from Hong Kong, Australia,the Netherlands (that must be you?), Ireland and Italy. Thats nice to know. I don't know why, but it is.

michael said...

I looked at the "HOW" but am very puzzled by the links they made to get to my blog- none of these blogs mention flobberlob or look like the blogs that would!?

Roger Stevens said...

I'm very impressed with your counter I must say.

Maybe the visits are from people at work. Secretly admiring your dressed crabs wjile they should be working.

michael said...

"crabs wjile" sounds like a nasty affliction!

Syl said...

Yikes, did you say "crabs wjile"?!!! Runnnnnnnn!