Sunday, October 17, 2004

Holy Squelchy Mud Trails!

Cult Bat
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Just back from a pleasant Sunday morning walk in the woods over at Marbury where the mad dogs jump in the lake and spray you with water when they shake themselves dry! Archie sprained his ankle so we didnt get as far as we usually do. Hazel was taking photos of natural crosses for his school project about signs.( He made a cloth cross stuffed with macaroni but it was more like a floppy cosh!)
Lots of identical Chryslers turned up to a rally in nearby carpark - ugly retro looking things with big grinning grills on the radiators. Very odd to see so many all at the same time- like being in a tv commercial!
Tried to watch some birds at the hide but some idiot was on his mobile phone, talking very loudly and scaring them all off.
That's the trouble with Sundays - everyone has the same idea and ends up at the same quiet beauty spot making it not very quiet anymore!


Syl said...

Bleeping cellphones...hate the monstrosities!!! Hope
the Arch's ankle isn't too bad. Hard to find a quiet
natural walk these days...without travelling half
the day.!Maybe those new space rides are an idea.

michael said...

Archie banged his ankle on a cross-country (round local park) run with the school last week and has complained that it hurts ever since. If it keeps up we'll have to take him to the doc's.
I hate cell-phones too - especially the brain frying aerials they stick ontop of schools and public buildings over here. They are a blot on the landscape and side effects of their proximity not known as yet. Archies old school had one on the roof that we complained about but the stupid governers said there was no proof they were dangerous and anyway Orange (who put the aerial up) did a survey and they said it was fine! Can you believe it?!