Monday, October 11, 2004

Stamp out mumbo jumbo!

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Actually it's an elephant and it says "Your Designs Made Into Rubber Stamps". Obviously a special stamp made for the Jumbo Rubber Stamp Co. or whatever who went bust and the big stamp ended up down Brick Lane market where I happened to see it and offered a fiver for it. "For the footstool?" the market man said. "Eerr,yes the footstool" I said winking knowingly. So I am the proud possessor of the biggest rubber stamp in the world - that's what I like to think anyway. There are probably bigger ones but the Guinness Book of Records doesn't have a category for rubber stamps for some reason. I wrote to the Alternative Book of Records and they accepted it and put it in their 1987 issue. Some months later I got the clipping sent from my friends at Rubberstampmadness magazine in the states. I guess the people who write and draw the Ripley's Believe It Or Not strip saw the Alternative Book of Records and did their own take on the whole thing. Below is a photo of me with the big stamp in 1990. It does print too if you dab a stamp pad onto the upturned elephant image and stand on the stamp, rocking back and forth for a good clear print.


scrapatorium said...

Awesome!! You need to post a link to this in the Flickr collections group I started under "best find" because it really is a fabulous discovery. The whole story is great.

michael said...

I might just do that. I didn't know it existed Angelica. Thanks for pointing it out to me.