Friday, October 22, 2004


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It's an "Insect Day" at Archie's school so an extra day off ( half term next week). he almost went in to Manchester with Hazel but she decided he'd benefit from extra sleep. Its pouring with rain so stuck indoors. He just went in the garden to resue some drowning snails and got soaked.
We played some games - Worms Blast and GTA. An amusing cheat code allowed the cars to have a strange anti-gravity boost and when they hit the kerb flew into air for about 20 feet. Oh what fun!
Hazel just phoned to say her third lecture on Creative Methodology went well especially the bit where she asks everyone to stand up and then plays them the video about responding to people in authority ( Do you always do what you are told?). Not sure how this relates to being creative but Hazel could probabaly tell you.
This is a collage made recently using a snakes and ladders board as a base. Just bits of it can be seen poking through. It doesn't have any deep meanings so please don't look for any!
Good news is that Harry Hill's TV Burp is back tomorrow but an awful 5-30p.m. time slot for some reason, just when I'm making the dinner!



scrapatorium said...

Is the collage big since it's on a game board?

michael said...

No, it fits on a scanner so about 8 inches square. Its a cheap nasty snakes and ladders board made of thin card from the back of a cereal packet i think so I had no qualms about collaging over it. We have some nice old game boards which I'd never dream of collaging but now we have the scanner I could copy them and use those ofcourse. I might do that sometime.

michael said...
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Creative Thing said...

Things for reviving memories with the Mailart meeting photo you posted on your mailart site.
I must mention that it is Richard Meade behind the car, not Skooter. The car is Lon's famous 1968 bug, which he was still driving in 2002. He called the crappy paint job his anti-theft device.

hazel said...

Michael said, " Sorry for getting the name wrong - not having met either of these fine gentlemen I wouldn't know really - It's a nice photo though so thanks again for sending it Leslie.
Ringo was just on the tv talk show with Jonathan Ross here and was very amusing - looking very well for 64- he has abook out called Postcards From the Boys with his collection of cards from the rest of the four mop tops over the years. Proceeds go to various charities. As close as he'll get to doing a mail art catalogue!"

Jonathan said...

Ah, Ringo (the LUCKY one) trying to sell us mail.
Is he teasing us when he's 64 ???

michael said...

Why is he the "lucky" one? Apparently when George Martin was 64 Paul sent him some champagne with a note that said "Here's that bottle of wine I promised!"

Roger Stevens said...

Friday Night is a good night's telly.
9 - French and Saunders
9.30 - Have I gOt News For You
10 QI
10.35 Jonathon Ross
11.30 Later With Jools Holland (although we only watched the beginning as we are both a bit poorly with colds at the moment)
We watch Green Wing on the Saturday repeat.

It was great seeing Ringo. And I loved the line...

"Paul rang me on my birthday. He said, Guess where I am."
"I don't know," I replied.
"John Lennon Airport."

michael said...

Yes, it is. Lots of comedy which is good.
Ringo was very funny considering he's generally not noted for his wit. Like George he was in the shadow of the other two most of the time.
I borrowed Jacque Tati's film "Playtime" on DVD from the library today but it wasn't the film I imagined it was and not very funny. The french have a strange sense of humour! Hazel left the room and said "I'm going to sort out my knicker draw - that's how tedious this film is!" Or words to that effect. I think I am getting it mixed up with "Mon Oncle" which I remember as being quite amusing in a charmed gallic way. I always liked "Mr Hulot's Holiday" and the one about the postman "Jour de Fete" but Hazel went and sorted her knicker draw when they were on too, I seem to remember!

michael said...
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Syl said...

Oh Michael...I found a Life
Magazine dated 31 January 1964.
Guess what was in it...article
& a few pictures of the Beatles!
Friday & Saturday nites used to be
our"Britcom" they've
ruined it all with nonsense...can
only can a scratchy other channel,
the varmits!

Jonathan said...

Doesn't it go like...
John was the smart one
Paul was the handsome one
George was the talented one
Ringo was the lucky one
(guessing that he had none of the above traits)

michael said...

Well, not sure if that seems fair on poor old Ringo. He was a pretty talented drummer and smart enough to be a Beatle! I'm sure luck had a lot to do with it too.