Friday, October 08, 2004

Fruit Country

Fruit Country
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Not much fruit around but plenty of water today due to main pipe burst over by Archie's old primary school. Both schools were closed today due to lack of water. It's the first time Archie complained that he's miss one of his favourite lessons - drama.( They play a lot of games I think - that's why he enjoys it so much.)
Hazel did her first lecture of the year and was feeling sick with worry this morning but she just phoned to say it went o.k. though she probably "waffled" too much she thinks.
Archie is doing some Art homework- some collages in primary colours. They look pretty good too - I'll have to blog one.
Archie went down to see the huge pool of water flooding the road where the pipe burst. He said children were kicking water at passing cars and cyclists. He cycled home again before he got a soaking.
This postcard was inspired by those cards and photos of huge vegetables and balls of string etc. that find there way into Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I actually made it to the newspaper column that's syndicated in the states. "Michael Leigh who owns the largest rubber stamp in the world!" Next to it a badly drawn cartoon of a chubby man in a suit and tie with a moustache holding what look like a sink plunger!?


mrdantefontana said...

"Flobberlob (via PCL Linkdump). Brilliant. Indescribable. With great collages and photos. See also Graham Rawle, Calum Colvin."

You are everywhere these days!
But I guess nothing beats owning the largest rubber stamp in the world...

michael said...

Thanks for telling us about this Sebastian. much appreciated. I'll have to put them in my links and return the compliment. You scratch my blog and I'll scratch yours!
Not sure if my rubber stamp is really the largest but it feels like it! it weighs over 6 kilos and stands over 18" high. You can see it on that collaged postcard i sent to the Digital mailart postcard project (its in the links). It has an elephant on it and it really does print after a bit of a faff!
I found it down brick lane market about 15 years ago for a fiver. The chap who sold it me thought it was a foot stool!

Roger Stevens said...

Weird coincidence or what?

Got up at 5.30 this morning to drive to a school in Southend.
Turned on the tap.
No water.

Seems like they had a major water main burst in Rye.


michael said...

Ne na nena na nane ne naa na!(that was s'posed to be the Twilight Zone theme song!) How weird Roger! It makes the geese on the back of my pimples stand up on end! Ooer!

The water was back on again by lunchtime here so I hope they fixed it in Rye about the same time and it was on by the time you got home?

Southend eh? Did you buy any winkles? Was the tide in? Did you have a paddle in the mud? Did you buy a Kiss me Quick hat for Jilly?

Roger Stevens said...

Yes, the water was back on by the time I returned.
left the house at 6.30. Got back at 6.30.

Alas didn't do any romantic seaside-type things.
Had a lovely day in the school. The rest of the time sat in traffic or got lost.

Syl said...

Shhhhh! Don't talk about water! Getting the roof repaired!

mrdantefontana said...

And another one...

michael said...

Thanks Sebastian. You have the eye of a hawk! How do you track these down? I've tried using the statistics thingy but end up at websites that seem very alien to me. I'm obviosly going down the wrong paths. It's easy to get lost and side-tracked on the web.
Southend has changed so much since I was a student there back in the 60's. It used to have a wonderful purpose biult art school but they pulled it down to make a road and a roundabout of all things. The stupid conservative council ruined the place by ripping out its heart and building office blocks, a multi-story car park and a hideous shopping mall. (now where have I heard this before?)

Roger Stevens said...

Yeah. The school was the other side of town and instead of driving around it I went wrong and tried to drive through it. Three times I found myself at a dead end and had to turn around.

Now I discover I've left my notebook at the school.


One good thing. England beat Wales 2 - 0.

Now I'm off to cook supper.

Oven-baked trout
with polenta.

scrapatorium said...

Do you have an scan of the Ripley's article? I would love to see it. Or a photo of the stamp?

michael said...

Scan coming soon. Postcard of big stamp in links under Digital mailart.
Trout and polenta? Interesting combination!
Yes, i watched the match too. Great result. Ireland did well against France too, holding them to a nil-nil draw.
Hazels just figured out how to put Flash animations onto imovie and then to the camera to put onto VHS tape for competition at Cornerhouse for under 18's short film. Archie has entered his Light the House about a man breaking a light bulb and buying another. a 40 second masterpiece!

Syl said...

Hey, smart doings, Hazel...and good luck Archie!!! Also, birthday hug to the Arch.