Wednesday, October 20, 2004

More Junk from the gander bag

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Another early work with the boring bits cut off at the bottom. Going to try and add an extra tiny collage to this by copying and pasting into the "edit" box and see what happens. I tried it over at the other blog and it went doo-lally!



Syl said...

Think the little addition will
add to the piece. Already on some
of my collages, on second look I
would rework or add/subtract...few
I am totally satisfied with.
Keep digging in that magic bag for
more goodies!

michael said...

This was a just a way of finding out what happens when I put an extra photo into the mix, alhtough it does look like its detached itself from the bottom of the other! They are two seperate things.I just did some similar on Archie's blog to practice seeing as he never uses it anymore.

PKD said...

Blatant misuse of the word "prolapse."

Syl said...

Aha! Well, sorry to hear Archie
isn't involved with his site just
now, but keep it up...I like it!
Too, there's a blasted lot going
on at that age...and only grows!
He'll get back to it eventually.
And now there's my longest comment
to you...hehe

michael said...

Yes, I thinks it's a shame Archie has neglected his blog too, but I can't force him to do it. Hopefully he'll pick it up again in the future. I'm using it to try out my html codes and Flickr uploads!