Thursday, October 14, 2004

More coal shed shenaniggans!

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What is a shenanniggan anyway? How does one spell it? Anyhow, I was in the jolly old coal shed again, shifting boxes and expecting mice to run up my trouser leg. But none did, thankfully! Found some nice old letters, postcards and prints from the mid 80's including a Michael Scott piece which was nice to see again. Ive put a few on my other blog if you'd care to look.
Also found a little stack of old Dandy comics that will please Archie. Most are from 1976. The difference between these musty old faded things and the horrible modern newly updated version is incredible. How could they be so insenstive to materials? This old cheap paper is so lovely and the colours so subtle. Archie says he's only getting the first issue of the new Dandy and then no more. He's written a strong letter of protest to the editors but I fear it will fall on stoney hearted businessmen's ears.


Jonathan said...

The only comics I've saved are from India... mostly Rajasthani hero stuff... a few Hindu ones... they all appear to be drawn by the same person, but then they may be just copying an original style... good at that, they are...

michael said...

I would save them too- they sound great!
The coal shed is a real treasure trove and it's a shame that so much good stuff is having to contend with the damp, mice and creepy crawlies etc. but what can i do? I just don't have the space to store it all indoors. Every available space is already taken. Hoping to get the loft boarded eventually but this could take years! I wish we hadnt been talked into getting all that loft insulation now. It's a bout two foot thick and doesn't seem to make any difference whatsoever!

Syl said...

No space left here either...all the door-seals lined with PEZ and whole
chest full of ones collected, still in packing! All spaces covered.
Doesn't seem to stop our collecting though, and each time we start to
clean it we end up sitting on the floor enjoying it again!