Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Monsters whos meat is dirt and shadows

One of those days when its raining one minute and sunny the next. Archie has gone off to a birthday gathering (not quite a party) at Chris's house.
Town was very quiet this morning. I found a few Xmas presents to stash away but not much else. Looked for some old alphabets for the Collage Kids latest project but didnt find any. Rummaged about in the mag and book pile when I got home and found afew things to add to the collage just started. Let Flo out for a run round the back room.
Some nice mail for a change from Creative Thing,Mark Greenfield and Carol Starr (pages for FLOSS). Not that it was poor mail usually from these people but no mail atall yesterday and last week was very thin on the ground.
This is an old collage from the early 80's, before I did the first issue of Curios Thing. I did a few of these A4 sheets and did some collabs. with Hazel which we folded and sent out as limited editions. Very few were hand coloured like this.


Roger Stevens said...

Birthday card arrived today - right on cue.

It made me laugfhfgh

Thank you

michael said...

Glad the card arrived O.K. pressie to follow!

Jonathan said...

Buying Christmas presents in October ???
Yer, supposed to wait until the last possible minute !!!
Although, I'll always hold the "Ballerina" paint by numbers in awe...

michael said...
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michael said...

It's taken me a few years to figure out that buying xmas presents in October is a great idea. Last minutes shopping is a nightmare of Orwellian proportions with the shops bursting with mad people frothing at the mouth (me too by this time!) and so buying little and often as one finds things is more relaxing and surprises me too by the time crimble comes round.