Friday, October 01, 2004

Strange Friday Ritual

Strange Alpine Ritual
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Here it is- Friday again! It seems to come round with increasing regularity.
Archie was a poorly boy so I had to be nursemaid and entertainments officer today. When he'd recovered enough and his sore throat felt better he dragged himself away from the schools programmes about Death Valley and The Weather to play Worms on the PC. I did some collaging in between until my hand started to seize up- R.S.S.?
The 60's rooms that Angelica sent me are becoming very handy for putting strange people and animals in! I will Flickr and blog some soon.
More drizzle so just as well I didn't go into town.
Hazel at college testing the breaking strain of the 1st years by reading them the 145 page Course Document!
When I eventually got round to checkin' my e-mails I found I had 69, most of them were spam and nonsense from Fluxlist members with time on their hands!


Roger Stevens said...

Fluxlist members with time on their hands? You surely jest.

michael said...

Yes, i do!