Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Wheelbarrows - delicious!

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Another of those days that makes no sense whatsoever - a bit like this collage! Mail was very thin on the doormat - just a circular from the council arts Network. Ive been looking for stuff today. raking through the cupboards and unearthing things I'd forgotten we had like the big box of tie-labels in assorted colours and the book and record by Anna Russell which is great. I will have to make a scan of it and put it on the Boot Sale Sounds group. I was sneezing for ages afterwards with all the dust I disturbed! Still couldn't find that Vindaloo label tape with Stan Dithedrington and Minkey Frasworeth.


Roger Stevens said...

When we held the 50th Wedding Anniversary party for Jill's parents recently I wanted to have a wheelbarrow race. But I was outvoted.
It would have been fun.

Also a three-legged race.

michael said...

I dont blame them really - I'd hate to be grabbed by the legs and pushed round the living room on my hands on my 50th wedding anniversary! i bet they looked horrified!
I can't be bothered to write up another blog today as the computer seems to be going very slowly and glitchy for some reason. havent done much. some collaging. sent a package to Angelica in Houston. hopeit gets there. lots of trouble with snail mail just lately, but did get the collages back from Karin the photographer today so that was good.
What else? made a cd of mark lamaars last few radio shows editing out his sarky comments. he played some nice stuff- rockabilly from texas and some old doo-wop etc.
Did you hear the second part of the Hitch-hikers Guide? I have both on CD now if you want a copy Roger? Just about nsqueeze part 3 on the end.
Archie has gone to help out at the school open evening for the year 5 and 6's. he's working on a lovely new Falsh animation of an apple being eaten and dropped in a waste bin. an advert for litter and re-cycling i think. the hand he drew with the mouse was amazing. much better than i could ever do!
hazels got a cold and sore frote. Shes watching a programme about harry park? the undergorund map maker. difficult eh? must have used a torch i should think.

michael said...

Hazel says...Harry Beck you fool...

Roger Stevens said...

Yes, I'd love a copy of the new Hitch-hikers.
Spent about an hour yesterday doing a new page for Floss 2 - then didn't like it and threw it in the bin.

I'll try another today.

michael said...

There's perfection for you! O.k. look out for it in the post soon.

Jonathan said...

Looks like I'll have to submit something to "Floss"... I'll have to look up the specs again. About time I did something creative again.