Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You've got to hand it to him

Handy postcards
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Just a few of the many dozens of hand shaped postcards hanging from my workroom ceiling - part of a mail art project some years ago. I have a box full in the cupboard. They were hung like this in Worcester Art Gallery for a while and I never did get a photo of them so this is long overdue!
Today I went into town and got Archie some lights for his bedroom so he can read properly. I phoned the friendly retired electrician who promised to come and fix them soon. The charity shops were very busy but I didn't find much, just a CD of comedy from the BBC with Tony Hancock,Pete and Dud, Billy Connolly etc.
Hazel's been on the mac all day with college work so I haven't had much chance to use it. Just heard that a cyber-cafe is being planned for the derelict bit of the station which is good news - maybe use it myself if I can't get online at home!


scrapatorium said...

This is such a great photo. Are you going to keep the hands on your ceiling?

michael said...

A few have fallen down but hopefully the others will stay. I have to hide that horrible Artex plasterwork somehow!

Roger Stevens said...

Floss arrived today.
As with all of your publications - excellent.
Rather an understated cover I thought.

I hope you'll get lots of contributions to Floss 2.

michael said...

Glad you liked it. I almost put some real floss in the skulls teeth but thought that rather over - the- top. maybe next time.

Roger Stevens said...

Good to see you have an energy-saving bulb!

michael said...

What a rip-off they are too! I've never had one last more than 6 months!

Ed Giecek said...

One hand in the bush is worth 2 on the ceiling. (That's a Dylan lyric from one of the lost episodes.)

Great hands-on project, I must say, Michael. No wasted papers there. Quite handy.

Do keep up the good work. (But don't fergit ta rest in-between hand me down'zZ.)

michael said...

It certainly gave that saying "hands across the water" a new spin ( especially when the draught catches them).

hazel said...

Hello Roger...Light bulb!!!! All those lovely hand postcards and you spot the light bulb..can you spot any energy saving sweets in the next picture? poets eh?

michael said...


Poets eh?
What do they know?
Always using sonnets
When one word will do