Thursday, September 09, 2004

Don't you have any that work?

venice tap merchant
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Ah yes, the old tap sellers of Venice - what has happened to them all? We hardly saw any when we were there over Easter.
Went into town to try and get some copies done but the Photography man was rather unhelpful but in a helpful way. I asked him if i could bring my own card for his photo-copier in the hope I could get some cheaper copies but he looked very concerned and said It might jam the machine. How thick would the card be - so had to look round the shop to find a peiceof card similar to the sort I was thinking of. More concerned looks and chin rubbing. How many sheets did I want? Well, about 25 to start with. MMMMmmmm well, that could be tricky - you might be wasting your money and you'd have 24 sheets to find a use for if the first one went wrong. O dear! And so on in this way for some time. The other assistant came over to rub his chin too and look concerned at my plight. I'll think about it some more then and left them rubbing chins and fingering bits of card.
Borrowed The cat In The Hat on DVD from the library. We watched it later with Archie,Barb and Des (just back from a shopping trip to Manchester) and chortled away at some of the gags. It was funnier than the Grinch.


Roger Stevens said...

You have a Mac computer, for goodness sake!
Why don't you print your own covers?

michael said...

WE dont have a scanner or printer attached to the mac. No room at the moment. The laptop is perched precariously on a Archie's old desk that used to be in his bedroom. I can just about get my knees under it!

Also i actually prefer photo=copies to computer prints.

Roger Stevens said...

Fairy Nuff!