Saturday, September 04, 2004

The twistory of history

I've found this great little book called ON THIS DAY puplished by Hutchinson. In it are all the things they deem worthy of note that happened ON THIS DAY going back in time. For instance the first of january says in 1887 Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in Delhi.It tells you who was born and who died. People that are famous and people I've never heard of like the British architect Frederick `Gibberd who died on Jan. 9th 1949. It's a fascinating compendium of useless facts and coincidences. So to amuse myself I've been twisting the facts a little to make up silly names and strange anniversaries for my own ON THIS DAY using the book as a guide.

So today 4th September we have the Red Kipper Society was founded in 1870. John Luddle in a U.S. radio interview claimed his group The Futiles were more famous than Mrs. Doris God and consequently all the Futiles records were melted down in some southern states and made into fried chicken buckets.

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Syl said...

Very kool. Actually Mrs. Doris God confessed that she saved one of the Futiles records & she secretly does "The Chicken" every night with the Van Dam rooster...the result was kick-boxing chicks who really broke down Farmer McGregor's garden gate...and not poor Peter the Rabbits fault at all.