Sunday, September 19, 2004

More piles of old tat to sort through

Just back from a fairly big boot sale at Hartford. The ground there was really uneven and full of pot-holes full of water, but managed to find a few bargains stepping gingerly around them. Some videos for 20p including the wonderful City of Lost Children, Ren &Stimpy and The Lost Highway. Also some french films inc. Les Amants des Pont- Neuf and Merci la Vie. So plenty to watch these rainy winter evenings! Bargain of the day must be the old Topper annual from 1960 I got for 20p. Archie was delighted. Hazel says I should have saved it for his birthday but I was too excited and just had to show him what a clever dad he had to spot such a treasure amongst all the rubbish. They've gone for a second rummage and to take Audrey and Hazel's Mom. The weather has been kind so far this morning. Archie also got some How To draw books which he doesn't need really and some Lego kits. Hazel bought some plants and a choc tin of dubious vintage.No scratchy records alas except a single by Monty Python folks -Always Look On the Bright Side of Life from the Life of Brian film.Also the Greatest Hits? of Wrestless Eric.The photo is of the old Century cinema at Pitsea in Essex where I used to go to Saturday morning matinees to see the adventures of Captain Video, Batman and the great Republic serials back in the 1950's.


Jilly Jargon said...

I've never heard of Captain Video. What did he do? I haven't heard of the Republic thingy either. But I do remember the 1950s!

michael said...

It was so long ago now I cant quite remember the plot but it went something like this-
Arch enemy Gribbly Fuzzboils from the planet XORple come to earth disguised as cowboys and live in a shack at the dge of town which has a secret compratment behind the bookcase (with one book on it) where he and his henchmen go to a cave where an army of robots are being made to take over the earth. he need s a special part to complete his dastardly plan and kidnaps scientist Dr. Empti Ploot to make the parts with the help of robots. gangsters are involved here at some point. Captain Video is an intergalagitic space policeman who has been sent from the planet Bugmos to foil the horrendous deed and to save earth. All he has is a crash helmet, some googgles and a gun that fires Dettol. 12 cliffhanging episods later the gallant captain gets to find the shack and its secrets and pulls the book to open the shelf and find the cave and squirts Dettol on the robots who all fall over and emit sparks.

michael said...

Surely you are far too young to remember the 50's Jilly?