Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The tail end of hurricane Ivan?

Its a miserable morning here - the rain lashing down and the wind whipping whats left of the slug addled sunflowers. I was hoping to go into town to visit the library and do some shopping but maybe I'll wait until later. Maybe it will clear and the sun will come out. Fingers crossed.
Hazel has gone off to Manchester to put some metal objects in the 3-D showcase along with some of her inventions.Archie has gone to school with a rucksack crammed with stuff - it weighed a ton! I think he's filled it with conkers?
The thirteenth lived up to it's reputation for an unlucky day yesterday with no post atall and my search for collage material ended in a cul-de-sac.
Having this big wide gap at the top of my blog doesn't help! It shouldn't annoy me but it does!
Thinking of changing my template but all my links will be lost and I don't fancy typing all those out again.Ho hum.
We complain about our weather constantly but at least our houses dont get blown away! Those poor folk in Jamaica, Cuba and Mexico etc. It must be awful have to leave and return to such a mess. My desk upstairs doesn't seem so bad now!


michael said...

Hooray! Got rid of that big wide gap at top. That's really cheered me up!

Roger Stevens said...

The 14th is obviously a much luckier day.
It's been buckleting down here, too.
But as I look out of my window - hey, the sun has just came out.

hazel said...

In college and thinking of braving the walk over to the cafe for dinner.....wind and rain.
I want it to be summer again...boo hoo
BLOODY COMPUTERS...thats better..struggled so much then dam things today..dam 5 days.

michael said...

The weasly weather is wobbling again. I tried to walk into town but the rain started again so i came home with my drippy gamp ( or a damp grippy?) No mail today either so 14 not much good either so far. where's Adele's "lucky penny" when you need it? who does have it by the way?

swapatorium said...

A few questions for you. What inventions did Hazel make? What are conkers? What collage material are you searching for?

michael said...

Hazel's inventions would take a whole blog to explain and illustrate but to put it simply she used to make inventions to do " jobs that don't need doing"- crazy things like the Currant Stretcher, The Tea Leaf Iron and the Ear Nibbler! After she came out of the RCA she had her 15 mins. of fame and was on the radio and in magazines for a couple of years until she decided to devote her time to teaching and earning a proper living. thats when we moved up to Cheshire and Hazel started full time teaching at Manchester Metro University.

Conkers are the fruit of the horse chestnut tree. in England the kids knock them out of the trees in the Autumn and put a string through them and use them for a game where you swing the conker at your apponents to try and break it- taking it in turns until one cracks or the conker flies off the knotted end and splinters into a dozen peices! some conker websites about if you look in u.k. google and Ask jeeves etc.

michael said...

At the moment looking for rooms to inhabit with different characters and things. I have a book of 50's rooms somewhere but can't find it. I'll have another look later.

Syl said...

Hi, Hazel in Manchester! Good luck getting things set up there!
Michael...sounds like you're doing the Rainy Day Shuffle.

michael said...

Scary satellite picture of Ivan as it travels northwards and covers nearly five states! Now that is a BIG storm! Gulp! It makes our autumnal gales seem pretty pathetic!

Geof Huth said...


If you want to change your template, just copy your links (with all the coding) out of your template and save those. Then you can past them into your new template.


michael said...

Thanks for the tip Geoff. Thankfully the glitch seemed to ammend itself so i wasnt forced to change templates, but i will remember your words of wisdom if ever i have to.