Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Can you guess the celebs this far away?

Class Photo
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Made the photo smaller to make the big gap vanish but now it's hard to see the faces of these people. How many can you recognise?
Went into town this morning. First to the bank to get some dosh. officious clerk made me sign the back of my stupid new card. They change their staff so often at my bank , it's really irritating. Not much in the way of bargains. No Pictbridge connectors at Dixons. Mr. bean with goatee beard said we'd have to buy "unusual" leads from the HP website, which is annoying because the Pictbridge doodah was one of the features they plugged when selling the thing to Hazel, saying how fantastically useful it would be!


Roger Stevens said...

Wow! I inadvertantly clicked on the photo and it came up BIG in something called Flickr.
I didn't know about Flickr.
So I can see the picture now.
I've guessed a few - same as everyone else tho'-
re Flickr and the Fluxlist.
No one's made any guesses on this blog yet, tho', which is a bit weird...

hazel said...

No, you havent guessed either! And i thot you new everybody!

Ed Giecek said...

Wellll of course it'zZ e-z ta spot Dylan on the bottom row... and Michael Jackson (in one of his early encarnations) on the top row... Hmmm... Is that James Dean next to Michael? I think I see the queen (not Jane Approximately) in there too? But wot do I know about such nobility. We only have King George Bush here in the States....

Jonathan said...

Isn't that a rather bad pic of Frank Zappa ??? (front row)