Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Children Have Been Downsized

Abnormal Service
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So sayeth the lady selling antiques on Flog It! (BBC 2 TV) I might have missheard her.
Just been helping Hazel put links on her new Blog - about the mechanics of toys.
Throwing a biscuit tin out with odds and ends in. Hazel and Archie, the scavangers, have retrieved it from the back door step to sift through the "treasures" I might have been destroying - broken pencils,badge pins,cocktail sticks,rubberstamp handles,ludo counters, plastic coins and other plastic trivia! They were in Heaven, holding each dusty gew-gaw up to examine it under the "big light".
I declined to go into town as it's too busy on a Saturday - I feel myself turning into Victor Meldrew with all the jostling and noise that goes on!
Hopefully more luck tomorrow at the boot sale,if it's not raining.

Old Photo of boy


hazel said...

Hah, he can talk.I can't chuck anything away without him fishing it back out the bin and checking I havn't thrown away a precious heirloom.....mutter mutter.mutter....he had thrown away a very nice "aged" pencil and 2 aluminium can rings (that are very rare items nowadays) you have to watch him.

michael said...

Yes, guilty as charged! It's very unusual for me to throw ANYTHING away but my room is reaching bursting at the seems point now and something must be done.

Syl said...

Oh, the sounds of Home Sweet Home...ha