Sunday, September 05, 2004

Who's an ugly boy then?

Parrot Target
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

Another of those sideways looks at the collages of Joseph Cornell that I love so much. I found a big pile of magazines on parrots and bird keeping in a charity shop and leaf through them for likely collage material now and again. One can't help think of Cornell when cutting out a parrot with your trusty scissors. Actually this is just a test run for the new Flickr set-up.


Syl said...

New plans??? Tell us! Ah, that is a great parrot collage even though I hate the thought of any bird being a target. They are too beautiful.

michael said...

The new Flickr set-up is just changing the layout of the page so it doesnt become too boring and the same everyday. I discovered the page where you can change it if you want. Have you? Don't ask me to point to it though 'cos it takes me ages to find it myself!