Sunday, September 19, 2004


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Fond memories came flooding back as I found this poster for Captain Video on the web. One of my favourites and still available to buy on DVD it says! I expect I'd be very disapointed if I saw it today. I recently saw an old Republic serial and realised how cheap and shoddy they were but as kids you don't notice such things ofcourse, well I didnt!


michael said...

Look at those outfits for goodness sake - crash helmets and goggles! What pathetic spacemen! That gun is obviosly some peice of kitchen equipment with an added toilet roll tube stuck on! How was i fooled so easily?

Roger Stevens said...

How were we fooled so easily?

Sunday night. Spent yesterday visiting (grandchildren, mother, old friend of Jill's) - spent today watching the football and gardening. Cleaned out the greenhouse ready to over-winter the geraniums. Then cooked a roast chicken.
Quick half hour blogging then some telly.

Jilly's been a bit poorly troday.Sore throat.
She's off on her travels again tomorrow.

Roger Stevens said...

Drat! A couple of mustakes in that last one and I pressed the key too late.

Captain Video would never had made a mistake like that.

michael said...

Yes, you spelt frote wrong. Sounds like a nice sociable weakend. Nothing quite like messing about in the garden, so Hazel says anyway. She's been out there today burning things in her mexican oven and potting up things in bigger pots etc. Archie has been cycling with Rosemary and gathering ye conkers. That's not a euphomism. Not sure what a euphomism is?
I've been FLOSSING and put them all in ye envelopes for ye sending out tomorow, so expect a flop through your letterbox anyday now. It's that filthy postman again!

michael said...

Sorry i forgot to say we hope jilly's sore frote is much better today. Nothing worse than a sore frote - unless ofcourse it's a sore giblet, which can be very painful!

Roger Stevens said...

I have to report the giblets are fine.

She's gone - back oop North.
Rehearsal tonight.
I should be working.

Must get on, as the bus driver said at the bus stop.

michael said...

Just waiting for the conkering hero to return from school. I expect he'll have the giggling James with him. Put kettle on. It doesn't suit me so take it off again. You sound busy. i painted the bathroom floor this morning after I hoovered up the hair and fluff that tends to accumulate. It's not my fluff - I wonder where it comes from? Another of life's mysteries.

swapatorium said...

It is quite fun to watch old space movies just to see the cheesy props. We used to watch a show as kids called "Land of the Lost" about dinosaurs and strange creatures. I watched it recently and could not believe how horrible the settings/props/costumes looked.

michael said...

Dr. Who is a prime example of a sci-fi tv show that looked great in the 60's but looks so tawdry and tacky now. Star trek looks pretty awful too but at least they had the good sense to film it and not put it on video tape!

Creative Thing said...

The Burbank meeting was canceled. You are right about the film studios that are there. In some ways, Burbank has become the main community for at least television studios in Southern California and several movie studios as well, such as Warner Brothers and Disney.
While film studios never were exclusivly in Hollywood, they were confined to that area of Los Angeles in the begining. Other nearby areas, such as Culver City, Studio City and even Glendale had movie studios way back in the early 20's. Many of Laurel and Hardy's shorts were filmed on the lot and the streets of Culver City, for example.

Ed Giecek said...

Gall Dern... You mean them ray-gun'z ain't reel? I know for shore them helmit'z are. Genuine leather I'll betcha, too! Course the goggles look fakey. Yer write, that duz look like a rollin pin. Heck, there'z still sum cookie dough on the danged handle!

Hay. I want my 10 cents back!