Friday, September 03, 2004

The Mail On The Floss

Punch & Judy
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Just back from town where I had some photo copies made of several images and typefaces for the FLOSS project. Trying to juggle them into a striking front cover. This Punch & Judy booth would make a nice frame but I found something else that would copy in B & W much more successfully. A colour cover would be nice but I just can't afford it. Hand colouring is an option ofcourse that I will think about.
Went to the new Scope shop but it seemed to be very similar to the last one and with the same stuff for sale!
I bought a white loaf for Hazel and posted some things at the post office No sign of the collages I posted to Chester( the photographer never phoned, so assume she never got them) so had to fill in a claim form and post that off. How annoying - now I'll have to unframe some more and take them to Chester myself as I don't trust the post office anymore.
Archie should be back from his second day at High School soon. Time to put the kettle on.


Syl said...

Ah, Punch & Judy...brings back memories of old puppet shows!
Lost your art in the mail!!!! Bejeebers, you are much calmer
than I would be. Sounds like you are really gearing up for the
Floss project...think I read something on Roger's site about it being
Jilly's next project.
I know they really work the children hard at school these days...hopefully
they will find ways to make it fun also. Enjoy your tea.

michael said...

Well, I suppose this is the first time I've lost any artwork in the post that wasnt "mail art", so not bad going for all these years. Hopefully they will turn up eventually. It is annoying but what can I do?
Archie seems to be settlin g into the routine of the new school o.k. A short week though so next week could be telling.
I'm trying to get excited about the FLOSS assembling but kinda wish it was something different. The mail has been so dull of late that I'm determined to liven it up a bit.