Monday, September 27, 2004

Cinema treats and sweets

Cinema Sweets
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
This collage is a reminder of those great days of children's matinees I've mentioned before in a previous blog but forgot to mention the sweets. The penny and ha'penny chews, the gobstoppers, the flying saucers, the candy cigarettes (now called candy sticks) the bulls eyes and hundreds and thousands, the bubble gum and the sherbet dabs! No wonder I have so many fillings!


Roger Stevens said...

I think you actually have to remove the class picture.
That could be what's throwing everything adrift.


Har har me lads, adrift she be
becalmed in the Sea of Blog...

Jenny said...

Do you use tables? Maybe something went wrong there?
Or perhaps the class-picture a bit smaller?

(one thing I don't like about Blogger's commenting system is that you are forced to sign in just to leave a comment...)

michael said...

That seems to have done it, but I've neglected to write down what was under the Class picture! Stupid iriot!
Tables? yes, the blogger thing is a complicated animal but worth it I think for your three 'penneth Jenny.
I shall try with the Class collage again as its one of my favourites and took me ages to get it out of a frame to scan!