Sunday, September 12, 2004

More exotic finds at the boot sale

Martin Denny
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Well, not too many really but just enough to make it worthwhile. Pleased with the 3 scratchy LP's I bought for next to nothing from the boot sale at Chelford, the last of the year. We weren't going to go to that one but the other, the cow pat field, only had half a dozen cars in it! So Hazel said to the man in the turban "Is this all there is?" to which he scratched his crotch and held out his hand saying "£1 please" so we turned round and went to Chelford which is a mile or two further on. Hazel hates going there as they are usually so grumpty and snatch your change off you as you drive in. This time they seemed friendlier. Maybe because it was the last of the year on that spot. They are moving to a ploughed pit near Macclesfield.
Other bargains included another Tex Ritter compilation from the 60's with an even slower version of "Blood On The Saddle" sounds like the record needs winding back up! Also a tribute to the Cowboy Copas by some persons called Opry Stars, who abviously not stars atall but nonentities. A nice sound though if you like that kind of thing.
You can hear sample tracks if you go to the Boot Sale Sounds yahoo group that you will find in the links.
Hazel got some pins that will appear on her blog soon. Archie got a Beano from 1981 but he thought it was in better condition but it wasn't really. Another swap.He bought two old newspapers from the 60's. One has a great photo of Mars on the front saying "Amazing Photos from Mars!" but it looks like a blurry shot of someone's thumb!


Roger Stevens said...

Martin Denny albums are worth a bit now you know. I had one in the Sixties. I used to play it a lot. Relaxed jazz. Nice.
I might still have it. I'll have to have a search through my albums.

michael said...

Not sure this one is worth much as it's from the late 60's and the sleeve art isnt all that great. One suspects most Martin Denny afficionados collect his music for the artwork so they can hang them on the walls of their Tiki bachelor pads! I have a couple of others which are slightly more authentic and from the 50's including "Quiet Village" , which isn't quiet atall being full of squawking parrots, monkeys and croaking frogs etc.!

Syl said...

:-( All that good stuff out there and it won't let me listen