Saturday, September 04, 2004

Invasion Of The Handbag Snatchers

Handbag Snatchers
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
One of those envelopes that got out of hand. The photo from the Radio Times or similar magazine with an article about the TV soap Coronation Street. I decided the characters were too dull and needed prettying up a little! Not sure where the Handbag Snatchers label came from but it seemed appropriate some how.


Syl said...

Oh, a ghooly group indeed! the nasty dastards! Big hair there...ha!

michael said...

Nice that you got your blog sorted with the help of frumdad. Just goes to show you what a lot of nice helpful people there are out there!
As for big hair, it's something I suffered from for many years but these days its calmed down a bit and I can keep it under control. I have photos I keep under lock and key! The loon pants! The paisley shirts! The kipper ties! Crikey!

Syl said...

Oh you've got to go digging and show us the real you!!! Hey though, couldn't have been too you a great woman!