Saturday, October 16, 2004

Archie's spoon trick

Archie's spoon trick
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Archie's talents never cease to amaze us. He's animating the Battle of Hastings on Flash at the moment - doing a little every day. It looks very impressive already with dozens of Normans and Williams all brandishing swords and firing arrows as they float through the sky over Kent. Archie says with a few tweaks they will be more grounded soon.
I went on a brisk walk to town this morning and did my usual tour of the charity shops but didnt find much. I discovered that I'd neglected to bring any money or cheque book with me so luckily didn't find anything much to buy. I haggled for an old 1969 Beezer in the market hall with the man who sells second -hand books and nick-nacks. He wanted £4 for it which was quite reasonable but I only had £3-50 in small change which thankfully he accepted after some ummming and arring.
Got home to find the postman had been. A returned "banana" card from Anna Banana and some photos of Archie's birthday treat with the owls and hawks etc. Some of my sister and family were spoiled by a reddish blotch creeping from one corner. I looked on the negative and can't see it there so sending them back to do again.
Hazel and Archie have gone out shopping. He has some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket. He wants nearly everything in the Argos catalogue but might settle for a remote controlled car that turns into a helicopter.


scrapatorium said...

What a great photo of Archie. Of course he's an amazing kid...look at his parents.

michael said...

Yes, you can never escape your genes! I see my father in me the older and grumpier I get!

Archie's animation is coming along. The Normans are all on pogo-sticks now bouncing over the green sward of Kent. Archie says this will soon be fixed. Archie's friend Rosemary came to draw some horses for inclusion but Archie didnt like the end results much - he thinks they look too chubby, more like Shetland ponies. He's going to disguise them with saddles and armour he said.