Monday, October 11, 2004

New companion blog started.

It's called A.1.Mail Art Archive and you can find it at the bottom of my blog links. Since raking around in the dusty,mouse chewed boxes I laughingly call my archive, in the cold dank cobwebbed coal cellar, I find amazing things hidden from view for many years. These "treasures" deserve better and it dawned on me that a blog is a good a place as any to give some of these neglected trifles an airing. So feast you eyes on some postal wonders from the late 60's 70's 80's and 90's. Each week I will brush away the crumbs and snail trails to reveal more of the splendours that once adorned my doormat.


Creative Thing said...

Your posting of a John Evans collage on your mailart site reminds me, he is having a "coffee table" book published this fall on his collage work. Should be something special. He's such a wonderful artist and human being.
Took Clare to a movie at one of those outdoor malls that seem to be the trend in shopping experiences these days. To kill time, I gladly visited a Borders book store for an hour. In a weak moment, I bought two new CD's. John Westley Harding, by Bob Dylan and a Best of The Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-1968. JWH is my favorite Dylan collection, and as I only had it on cassette, and it was on sale, I plunked down the bucks for it. I'm playing it daily in the car and studio. This is timeless music which at the same time speaks of another era in American history. I love the mystery of the songs (stories).

michael said...

Yes, I've always loved John's seemingly effortless "coillages". I have quite a collection now. Good to see him doing so well- he deserves it. Can't imagine a coffeee table book of his work but delighted it's happening for him so late in life. Hope for us all!
John Wesley harding was one of my least favourite Dylan albums i must admit. i didnt even buy it when it came out but borrowed it off a friend. maybe i would view it differently today. my favourite was always Blonde On Blonde and his Freewheeling a lose second.

michael said...

I mean " a close second" ofcourse!

Tom said...

Cool Stuff!! Keep up the great work! Just put some collages on my blog.