Saturday, October 09, 2004

Partytricks and parcels

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Have been making a collaged card for Archie today as it's his 12th birdbath tomorrow and it has owls all over it. A bit of a theme going on as he's off to the Owl and Bird of Prey sanctuary tomorrow with some chums to fly some birds and see them catch lures etc. Praying for good weather.
He got a few cards today which he opened and couple of early parcels of presents from adopted uncles and aunties. He keeps changing his mind as to what he wants so he's getting some money to buy his own present. Some small things including a few books to open tomorrow. Spoilt rotten! He went over to Granma's and Auntie Audrey's this afternoon after a trip to town to get his haircut. They had some sticky cake and more cards.
This was one of the first collages that Boomerang made into a card back in the 90's. They've made several based on my work over the years. This is one of my favourites. I sold the original so this is a scan of the postcard - the only copy I have left.


Syl said...

Like a dream, this one. Blurbs marching in, marching out. Like "Watch out for the man on the left!" distorted scene. Or maybe I'm distorted.
Very nice image, Michael.

michael said...

Yes, I'm sure we've all been to parties like this one!