Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This must be the plaice?

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It wasn't that cold out so felt rather hot and stuffy in my overcoat after walking to town. Did the usual round of charity shops, bank, post office and library. Got some "stocking fillers" and wrapping paper at the market.
Hazel was all excited for Chris, one of her students, who has won first prize (shared with someone else) in the Channel 5 "Art Challenge" that is broadcast on Thursday but took place last night in Liverpool. Hazel wanted to be there but a long way to go and no transport.
This collage is another from the early 80's thats been jiggled around for another booklet. Another Xmas cat. page below.



Roger Stevens said...

I expect to see fish art happening more and more - the next big thing for 2005. Next year's Turbot Prize? Cod knows it's time.

michael said...

Well, ofcourse the network is awash with them- Ray Johnson, Rudi Blubberoid, Keith Hakes,Mark Breamfield, Snapper Jack Kid, Tiddleroni Baroni,Barry Pilchard,Herring Mittendorf,etc.etc.

michael said...

Sounds a bit fishy to me..giving me a haddock or a headhake?
Whale meet again....

Amie said...

nice that you keep your old stuff. do they bring back memories also?

michael said...

That naughty Hazel is masquerading as me again!
Yes, lots of nice memories Amie. These collages were made when mail art was still a new and fun thing for me. I was still trying to paint at the time and sell my work in galleries and not having much luck. I soon realised you had to have the gift of the gab to do well in the London art scene and lick a lot of boots which didnt come easlily to me. Mail art was a welcome relief from this and I met many nice people through the network including my partner Hazel.