Monday, November 15, 2004

Christmas catalogue archive fun.

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These pages are from old Xmas catalogues made in the past to amuse friends and relatives, now i can share afew pages with my blog. These items are NOT for sale so please don't send money or enquiries to the addresses shown - they are pure fiction!



Creative Thing said...

Nice collage you posted two days ago, with bits I sent you from the city of all things hippy. Glad you found a use for them!

michael said...

Glad you liked it Leslie. Are you still in SF are are you home now? I stuck an envelope in the mail for you today so you should get it in a few days.

Roger Stevens said...

SF - loved it.

Meanwhile. Michael, I've sent you 1/6d

Could you please send me some eyelets by return?


Creative Thing said...

We were actually only there for four days, Nov. 4-7.
It's a 7 hour drive from L.A., counting stops for gas and breakfast. I like to leave in the wee hours, around 4 or 5 am, to avoid the morning traffic in L.A., which we have to drive through on the way. So we were there for lunch the same day we left home.

Creative Thing said...

I went with Sophie and Clare on Saturday to see The Incredibles movie. All showings for the next 2 hours were sold out, so we got tickets to the 9 pm screening and wandered over to a book store to pass the 2 hour wait.
Found a new book of 53 post cards the other 3 boys sent Ringo over the years.I really like the mailart aspect of this. on one facing page is reproduced the front of the card, and on the neighboring page is the reverse.
Your bloog, with all the wonderful mailart illustrated, came to my mind as I looked through this book. I was struck at how ordinary and human the Famous Pop Stars seemed when reduced to their mail. You would never think that the ordinary commercial post card form "George" to "Ringo" might be from the famous G to the famous R. I would expect that you will find this book at a nearby shop over there.
BTW, go see The Incredibles. It is incredible.

michael said...

You obviously didn't read the small print Roger!
The Beatles postcards book is out over here too and doing well in the "book charts" it seems, though not seen a copy yet in a store. A Sunday supplement had some extracts from it recently. It wasnt "mail art" by any stretch of the im agination but still fascinating if you have a soft spot for the fab four, which I do. They created the soundtrack to my youth and whenever I play any of their LP's now the hairs on the back of my neck still tingle, even after all these years! (can you have tingling hairs?)
Just found some Los Lobos MP3's at their official site leslie but you probabaly know
Nice live versions of Rosa maria,Farmer John (the old premiers number) and several others mostly recorded in SF strangley enough.

swapatorium said...

Love those ads!