Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Eye's Pie With My Little Blog

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Something beginning with "O". Yes, it's the 'orrible eye test at Spec Savers but it wasnt too bad. My eyes hadn't deteriorated atall so no need for new glasses (Sorry Hazel- she hates the glasses I have and thinks they make me look a spectacle of myself!) So £18 out of pocket I went to the bank and then to the post office to post Vittore's packet. Not many bargains to be had in the charity shops but did find a 2005 desk diary in the new bookshop for a £1. Bought some rabbit pellets and walked home in the drizzle. Life just does'nt get better than this!

No friendly mail today or mail of any kind. Not sure what's happening to it all. Our postman is not prone to throwing it over a nearby hedge as some are likely to do.Usually something interesting here.


mrdantefontana said...

A good thing about your eyes.

And your linking skills are getting better and better.
Tofu Hut is a nice place.

michael said...

Thankyou Mr, Fontana. High praise indeed from the maestro of links! I'm still learning the ropes. I love some of the tracks on Tofu Hut but the writing is all a bit garbled. A case of too many cooks probably. Some lovely old rockin' R & B from the 40's on there at the moment. Not too keen on the soul and rap stuff.

Jonathan said...

I thought that rabbits made their own pellets !!!

michael said...

Yes, it is hard to tell the difference sometimes!