Tuesday, November 23, 2004

From Iwerks to Kricfalusi.

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I've always loved animated films from seeing the Fliescher Brothers "Popeye" on TV in the 50's to the the big blockbuster Pixar films at the cinema. I expect this is why Archie, our 12 year old son, has become such a keen animator using Flash. Some of Hazel's students have also used stop-motion,Flash etc .Here we see Andy Sykes using it to great effect especially in "Hot Stuff". The creator of "Ren & Stimpy" John Kricfalusi,has a great showreel here which shows his madcap humour and inventiveness. Good news is that Kricfalusi has regained the rights to Ren & Stimpy from Nickelodeon who ruined it for a while and 6 new episodes are available now - hopefully the BBC or C4 will sign him up for a new series. For more news and views about animation past and present go to Cartoon Brew.


Syl said...

I think Ren & Stimpy are brilliant.
Glad you learned to do these links,
Michael. Kai, a contact on my flickr,
has also worked in animation...has some
pretty good stuff there.
Mickey is a fav of course...he has
really changed over the years.
Sounds like Archie has found his

michael said...

Yes, I'd ceratinly be happy if Archie decided to become an animator. He's off to a good start! I would imagine he'll change his mind a few times before discovering his real calling in life. I had no idea what I wanted to do at 16 despite being good at art (and not much else!). I suppose it was inevitable really.

Jonathan said...

Right, Michael... in my case it was a combination of being good at art, thoroughly interested in it and not fit for much else...