Sunday, November 07, 2004

It's that fine rain that soaks you through.

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Another wet, miserable Sunday. No boot sales now until next Spring. The next issue of FLOSS has been compiled from the pages sent in by 9 participants. Will post them tomorrow. Today I put them in envelopes and rubber stamped and decorated the outsides This afternoon we went for a walk to Shackerley mere to feed the stale bread to the mad swans, geese and ducks. One hungry swan waddled out of the water to chase us a few yards before giving up and slipping back into the mere. Hazel, Archie and Thomas (from over the road) are lighting the last of the sparklers and roman candles. The old cardboard boxes from the coal shed burned very quickly and now some smoking wood is all that is left on the bonfire. Time to get some dinner on.

A page from the book Hazel bought me for our anniversary.
And another one.


Jonathan said...

Man... I love that kind of Indian illustration.
Rather than cut it up for collage, photocopy the pages you want to use and cut up the copies. A never ending resource, that way...

michael said...

NO ofcourse not Jonathan - this is an expensive coffee tabel book and we shall ceratnly look after it. I have already considered a few pages for copying and collages etc. Watch this space!

Jonathan said...

Good... can't wait to see it someday...

Syl said...

Lovely, lovely illustration
and color here! But of course
Hazel has an eye for these things.
Will have to send this Frankenstienian
thingy I found for her. Definitely
NOT for the coffee table!

Ed Giecek said...

The next issue of FLOSS has been compiled...Gosh, I'm behind the times again I see... I'm still working on my last Squint contribution! My how time fly'z. When did you start this floss buisness? And wot izz it?

michael said...

The Frankenstein thingy intrigues - we look forward to seeing it, whatever it is!?
FLOSS is very similar to SQUINT 'cept it has a different cover and theme of Fluxus which everyone mostly ignores! So your pages will be welcome Ed- the more the merrier!

scrapatorium said...

Nice cover of FLOSS!

I kept thinking that I had seen those Indian illustrations somewhere and then my brain sparked. Archie McPhee A fun store.

michael said...

Ah, yes old Archie McPhee! Someone sent me his catalogue a few years ago and it looked like the sort of shop we'd like. I wonder if the name Archie came from there when we were searching for a name for our impending baby? You see a lot more Archie's around now. 12 years ago there were hardly any 'cept the occasional pensioner called Archibald!