Thursday, November 11, 2004

Handbag Snatchers In Rovers Snug Horror!

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Hazel keeps telling me that Coronation Street is better than ever but I can't see it myself. Those were the days when Ena Sharples, Albert Tatlock and Minnie Caldwell haunted the alleyways of Rosamund Street.
The Charity Market in town was a bit of a let-down- hardly any scratchy records or bargains for me but Hazel got a few things. All I got were two CD's - one by Ronnie Ronalde, the whistler, and another of French accordion music which all sounds vaguley similar after a while. Also a video of Dick Emery's funniest moments complete with 6 free postcards for 50p!
The postcard with Emery in a sailor suit I will send to my Auntie Olwen as she was a Wren in the 2nd World War and has an eye for sailors even now at the age of 80. I sent her postcard of Popeye last time which she found very funny.
After our marketing spree we had a late breakfast in Charlie's of scrambled egg an tomatoes on toast and compared bargains. Walked home in the fine rain that soaks you through and found a nice pile of mail waiting including a showreel from Tim drage of his wonderful Lego animations, a book of "Gluings" from Mark Bloch, a postcard from Pistol Pete (yeeaha!) and nice letter from Creative Thing plus bits of collage material picked up in San Francisco where he is holidaying at the moment.

Farm transfers book with original transfers still intact.1950's.


Peter Lewis said...

Fabulous collage!

Jonathan said...

Glad to hear that Mark Bloch still puts things into the post from time to time.

scrapatorium said...

I'm curious, what is the book of Gluings?

Syl said...

Hooray for your Auntie...
I like a woman with spunk!

michael said...

Thanks for the nice comments.
The book Mark sent is called "Collaborative Action Gluings" by Robert Delford Brown a catalogue, designed and edited by Mark Bloch of four exhibitions at San Francisco Institute of Art,Public School 38,E. Harlem.NY. The Gallery of international Surrealism. Paris. and the Houston Community College South East, Texas. Basically events where collaborative "gluings" take place, big Matisse like collages using cut paper and clippings from magazines. You had to be there to enjoy the experiance I guess. More of a bonding experiance than anything else.

cemenTIMental said...

Glad to hear my DVD etc got there OK!