Friday, January 14, 2005

I got Friday on my mind.

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Another week nearly over. I went into town, mainly for the walk and the exercise and some fresh air to try and blow this headache away. I should'nt have had that fizzy beer last night - it was only one can but it seems to disagree with me. It must be the widgets!
Didnt find much in the library. The woman in the bank lectured me on keeping my card and cheque-book sellotaped together. My explaination that I found it easier to find them both did not seem to ease her fears. I didnt want a card in the first place - the bank forced it on me.
Found some cheap CD's- the sort they give away in the sunday papers. Brian Wilson sings the Surfin' Hits - Live! What a treat and only 20p! Also found a giveaway DVD of that great british comedy written by Alan Bennett "A Private Function" with Michael Palin and Maggie Smith etc.
Also bought a cheap copy of Black Adders second series with Rowan Atkinson as Archie was complaining that he had "nothing to watch" when having his breakfast in the mornings!


Roger Stevens said...

That made me laugh out loud. You keep your card and cheque book Sellotaped together????

I was in a little cafe in Hastings near the harbour with my Mum and there was a Beach Boys CD playing. It seemed to be live. It was most enjoyable and so I asked the waitress and she said it came free with The Daily Mail (or possibly the Express) - yeah. Nice album.

Did you see the Beach Boys programme the other night? After the band finally split up, Brian Wilson was considering playing again. But he had no band. He wandered into a night club where a Beach Boys tribute band was playing and, after their gig, went up to them and asked if he could join. Imagine that? Imagine being in a Beach Boys tribute band and then one night Brian Wilson comes by and asks to join.


Ed Giecek said...

Brian Wilson is an interesting charictor. I read a biography about him once. He's been through some really tough times... But seems to have come out on the other end okay.

michael said...

Yes, I caught that Beach Boys programme which was excellent. Brian certainly was a few pebbles short of a beach wasn't he, but like Ed says, he seems to have come through all that drug thing relatively unscathed. He does look haunted though.
Mike Love looked a bit of an idiot didn't he. I think he was jealous of Brians "genius".

Jonathan said...

We saw Brian Wilson on some tsuname relief concert the other night... he certainly looked "shell-shocked".
I think that he's been hurting ever since the Beatles knocked the Beach Boys out of the water...

michael said...

I think that Beatles/Beach Boys rivalry thing was quite healthy at the time. It was the drugs that did for Brian, same as old Syd Barrett and so many others.