Saturday, January 15, 2005

Seamus Heaney was a meanie.

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Seamus Heaney was a meanie
Always playing naughty tricks.
Putting worms in my lunch-box
And flicking me with whippy sticks.

Teacher gave him fifty lines
For writing words upon the wall.
But all the punishments and fines
Could not stop him, not at all.

He put a ferret down my trousers
Where he got it, heaven knows.
He smashed the windows of our houses
And trod on Wendy Cope's toes.

A quiet day wrestling with computers and pulling out hair when they don't do what you want them too. I think a fuse must have blown in a plug or soemthing 'cos the PC just won't work atall now - not a flicker!
Also had trouble burning some MP3's to disc on the mac. Not enough room for files it says though one lot fits fine on one disc so why it wont transfer heaven only knows? Does it accumulate files in the transfer process? I'm totally baffled and not for the first time!


Syl said...

Michael, believe me when I say I
understand the frustration.
Well, that little nasty guy
probably got away with it all, and
you the innocent were blamed! Way
it happens to oft. But lovely poem
and goodluck getting this modern
contraption to work as it should.

michael said...

We all have days like that don't we? When nothing seems to go right. Yesterday was one such day. Hope it was better for you Syl. Will check out your blog and see whats happenin' stateside!

DrFluxbuxenstein said...

so sorry to hear about computer crap. When I get in a spot I feel weary and worn out before I even start to deal with it. I figure you're so far ahead of me on the learning curve that you'll have it all sorted out in no time...hope so!!

michael said...

As soon as you get one problem sorted another rears it's ugly head! I have apile of images in the Archive but cant get them to Frickr for some reason. Usually it lets me do it automatically but i can't find anything this morning! Arrrrrhgh!