Monday, January 17, 2005

Superstitious nonsense.

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Walking under magpies, throwing spilled mirrors over your shoulder, spitting through the rungs of ladders etc. supertitious nonsense or olde worlde charm? Hence the collage for the Frickr group Collage Kids this week.
Yesterday a pleasant walk around the mere at Shackerly. Archie had spoiled the ducks rotten with a brand new white loaf he bought for 17p at Tescos. In the local corner shop they are 97p! The swans,geese, moorhens etc. didnt mind either way - they woofed it down like it was the last bread they'd see for some considerable time. I'm amazed they could float afterwards!
In the afternoon we went to help Granma and Audrey dispose of a Buddlia? that had blown over in the gale. We arrived to find Audrey sawing away with the tiniest saw imaginable - one from a midgets play set! "It's taken me ages!" she wailed. "No wonder!" we rejoindered, " couldn't you find the nail file?"
Anyway, after Hazel made quick work of it with a proper saw, we put the branches and twiglets into sacks and took it to the tip.
Today was very rainy and windy so stayed in to fiddle with the PC plug. Discovered it didn't need a new fuse but had merely needed to be pushed firmly into the socket from which it had become disengaged! I did feel a fool!

Archie feeding the ducks,swans,geese etc. at Shackerley Mere.


swapatorium said...

What is Tescos and why is it so much cheaper to buy bread there? We have these bread thrift stores around us since there are two bread factories nearby. They practically give away the bread and sweets. Do you have them there?

michael said...

Tescos is a big supermarket chain that sells its own brand goods very cheaply- staples like bread, butter,sugar, tea etc. They pile it high and sell cheap. The local shops just can't compete - no wonder they are closing down!

swapatorium said...

They sound like WalMart.

Ed Giecek said...

Bread is the staff of life... even for swans, geese, and morons, etc.

michael said...

Ive never been to a Walmart so wouldnt know. I imagine the Texas equivelent would be a lot bigger. "Shucks, you'all call this a Supermarket? We have liquor stores bigger than this in Houston!"