Friday, January 21, 2005

The tale of the Curios Dog.

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This is an old mail art "dogumentation" from some years ago. Curios Thing is the usual collaged book photo-copied in small editions and sent out in the mail but this issue was based around the DOG mail art project I initiated in 1999. It includes an address list which all self respecting mail art docs. must include and 16 pages of nonsense about dogs. Having just watched a bit of Ross Noble's DVD (borrowed from library) whilst having my lunch it reminds me of his daft quiz included therein. i.e. "Pea Hair dogs in the english land have taste organs in their legs."
Also- "For the well trained dog....Make 'walkies' and travel a pleasure not a chore with these unique bladder control harnesses, designed and used by ex-carpet pile-olice."
A quiet day so far with just two packets in the post - a CD of Brian Wilson's latest from Vittore Baroni ( Goons coming soon V.B.) and an interesting compilation from Creative Thing ( CD coming soon C.T.) of psychedelia and oddness from the rock 'n' roll backwaters.
Have been listening to them and to the Mark Lamaar vintage rock show on BBC radio 2 which is always full of surprises and gems I'd not heard before including a great Moon Mullican track. Catch it on the "listen again" streaming service.

Here's another from the mid 90's. An android and eccentric invention issue to coincide with Hazel's exhibition at the Young Vic.


Ed Giecek said...

Hmmmm... Curious. Very curious.

Syl said...

I say, it looks a bit fishy to me!

michael said...

There's a subtle difference between "curios" and "curious". Lots of people seems to confuse the two. I originally left the "u" out so that it would fit of the page better.

Ed Giecek said...

We Yank'zZ left the "u" out of watercolour for the same reason. You can fit more on the page. Beside'z, I can't spell aquarelle.

michael said...

I can't spell a quarrel either. I see , so that's why americans have changed all the spellings to lots of english words - so they can have thinner books and thereby save more trees! Now i understand why george w. bush seems to add more letters to all of his wordifications!