Friday, January 28, 2005

Landing Art gallery re-opens

Landing Art gallery
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Most of these were put up when we first moved here 6 years ago and for the Cheshire Open Studios so about time I put some new work up.
Just trying out my new cheapo tiny Vivitar digital camera that I bought in a sale yesterday. I was taking snaps of the house and interior all afternoon trying to figure out what the best settings were etc. It only has 8mb of internal memory but with that you can store 11 photos of the less pixelated variety (as shown here) and on lower settings can store 23 which are adequate for blogging etc. I might get a memory card at a later date which would significantly boost storage capacity to 64mb. Pleased with the results so far. To see more go to Flickr.
I also bought a battery charger as the chap in the shop said it eats them! Only ten quid and so have an endless supply now which is good - I hate buying batteries. Archie's remote controlled cars get through a hell of a lot and it seems such a waste!
The fellow from Northwich Glass came to measure our shed for possible conservatory - Hazel is desperate to have somewhere to work undisturbed. We are going to look at the showroom on Saturday.


Roger Stevens said...

We're having a bit of a re-organisation at the moment.
Been thinking about it the past couple of days. Haven't actually started yet though.

Right now we're off to see Peter Pan.

(Not the real one, though. Joe's girlfriend's sister is playing the part. I'm looking forward to seeing her fly.)

Syl said...

Good luck, Hazel!!! Will be wonderful
to have your own space, I'm sure! your camera I see...oh,
expectation here...can't wait to see!

Jonathan said...

Looks like the camera works... Can't wait to hear more about Hazels work space... jealous, I am.

michael said...

You sound a bit like Yoda from Star Wars Jonathan! Jealous I am. Blogging i shall be.
Archie's friend, james , stayed over and they were playing on Flash this morning making a joint animation of a boy with a long head that grows and hits the moon and breaks it. They were in fits of giggles all the time. They choose some nice music for the background and added some sound effects like space ships bumping into the head and satellites wizzing by at great speed etc. Still no sign of your animation for poetry Zone roger. I think you made it too hard for him. he needs a simple idea that doesnt involve words too much, which is tricky when you want words in your heading!

swapatorium said...

It looks great. Still plenty of white wall left for you to cover!

michael said...

Yes, it's hard not to let it get out of hand like Lambeth Walk and cover every square inch, but eventually we may have to sell this house and don't want to make it too hard for us to de-clutter when the time comes!