Thursday, January 06, 2005

The glorious twelth.

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So, all the decorations have to come down. Even Tony Blair's enormous baubles were being packed away in the middle of Downing Street - I just saw it on the news.
Sorting cards into piles of home-made and store bought. The home-made get put away in the archive and the others are recycled. Roger and Jilly said you would hardly notice the difference when we took our decorations down as we have so much on the walls and ceiling anyway but it does feel that much tidier now they have all been packed away for another year.
Made this collage today for the Frickr Collage Kids group weekly theme. Not one of my most inspired efforts but considering I was sorting cards, taking down fairy lights and such it's not too bad.
More gale force winds and rain forcaste for tomorrow but it seems so pathetic to moan about the weather when people have lost everything on the other side of the world. I don't think I shall mention the drizzle ever again!

A Greenfield/Stangroom/Leigh collaboration.2001.


Creative Thing said...

You are quite right to take down the Christmas bric-a-brac today, michael, as it is the 12th day of Christmas. That is the day the wise men visited the regal child.
Thought I'd let you know, with all your constant bad weather there, that we in sunny southern california have had storm after storm since before Christmas. As much as it cuts into my beloved bike rides, I too turn my thoughts and prayers to those suffering from the earthquake and tidal waves in the east.

DrFluxbuxenstein said...

Good reminder to take down the holiday cards push-pinned to the entry wall. Recycling might be too kind for some of these commercial cards...

Syl said...

Well, I'm trying to keep things
in perspective...computor crashed,
totally having to rebuild...was going
to blog and it's gone nutso. At least
snow/sleet stopped. :-(

michael said...

A new year - a new set of pin holes. Life eh?

Debby said...

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