Saturday, January 08, 2005


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Here's a new mail art project by my old friend in California ,Creative Thing a.k.a Leslie Caldera. Leslie and I have been corresponding for over 20 years now and he has done some wonderful projects in the past, notably a homage to Kurt Schwitters and for another of his heroes , Joseph Cornell.
The wind kept us awake last night, rolling bins and cans down the road and rattling the window frames etc. Surprised to see little damage done when we looked out the window this morning. A few flowerpots blown over.It seems silly to even mention it.
Archie has been trying to teach me the basics of Flash animation but I'm a terrible pupil and my attention span is nil! So many things you have to remember - miss out one and you're stuck! He was very patient though and encouraged me to carry on despite this dismal start. The stick man I made jump onto a box took only 10 minutes to do but the thought i doing anything more elaborate fills me with admiration for Archie and these other folk who make it look so effortless!

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