Monday, January 03, 2005

A germ fearless drawers of plain pyjamas

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I don't know what it means either. Just back from a nice walk around Shackerly Mere to feed ducks,geese,swans and other feathered friends with our stale bread. Lots of other folk had the same idea. Lots of new puppy dogs for crimble and not just for life.
Archie found a long iron hook which made a satisfying "prang" noise when thrown at the gravel path.
Its a nice sunny days here and not as cold or windy as the last few days. We needed to get out and stretch our legs. Archie is back to school tomorrow and Hazel will start back to college soon. Back to the old routine.
Archie just got a phone call from his friend James and Hazel has gone to drop him off at his house for the afternoon.
I have some mail to catch up with and a very messy work table to tidy.

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michael said...

This must be one of the dullest blog entries for a while so not surprised anybody has bothered to add a comment!